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This is the game I'll be playing this weekend 😁


We really appreciate that! Hope you enjoy the experience & have an awesome weekend ahead :D

I definitely will 🙌🙌🙌

Oh my god just by looking at the trailer i already love it!


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A huge fan of this incredible game!

"You feel like this plastic has always belonged there, floating around and mimicking the movement of the water, the movement of underwater organic forms. It makes you feel like you might have landed on a different planet, where the local fauna and flora is made up of bottles, trashed objects and plastic bags, a planet that has been beaten up and torn from everything that's been thrown at it, literally though."

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SAMUDRA Twitter Review

And a huge appreciation from us to you for the amazingly in-depth and thorough playthrough, review and never-ending support! Thank you JM, all the best and have a lovely week :D

It's my pleasure! :D

cool game keep up the great work!

Hi! Thanks for the attempt :) Have an awesome day!

np ty as well!


Hi, thank you for the support :D

Loved the artwork and atmosphere of the game. Brilliant work!

Hi Rahnaf! Thank you so much for the awesome playthrough! And also for being curious about the briefcase XD  There would also be some kind of retribution for the Lantern fish in the final chapters too, so till then! 

Take care & have a lovely week ahead!

Was a pleasure to play it! And so glad to hear about the lantern fish. Best of luck for the full release!


Likewise, all the very best to you too bud! We wish you well :D

This game is awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing the full release on Steam. And the artwork... beautiful. What was it inspired by?

Hello! We really appreciate that :) 

The art direction/ feel/ design influence is absolutely inspired by Machinarium, Journey, Limbo, Rayman Origins, ICO, Studio Ghibli stuff. They're all rather unique to one another, but they share the same world-building depth that we love so much!

I can see that! During my second playthrough, I feel like I also fell in love with the sound design. The music and effects are just so well fitted.

Additionally, I wanted to ask, is it intentional that there's no chapter I? Because as far as I can see it goes straight from the prologue to chapter II.

And, just to be sure, in the full version, will it be possible to save your progress? My laptop gets tired really fast so even playing through the whole demo without any breaks was a challenge. 

Very observant of you! We kept Chapter I & some things from both the Prologue & Chapter II tucked away for the final full release, so that we do not overload this demo with too much content or even spoilers.  

And of course saving will be functional in the full version. One of the character (who is also present within the demo) is tasked as a save point keeper :D 

Hmmm! Interesting. I know who you're talking about, I think! :D

I will definitely check this one out very soon! Looks very atmospheric 👍

And do let us know your thoughts when you do :D Have an awesome weekend!

A great game. Easy to pick up and play. Really love the background btw :D Highly recommend!

Thank you for giving the beta a shot! Have an awesome day ahead :D

Wow great looking new page!

Beta is launching shortly too! Woohoo!

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From the looks of it this game has so much potential ,beautiful art , graphics and music. Is it playable on Mac?

Hi! Thank you for the kind words! 
Its not available on mac at the moment, but we are not ruling out future porting possibilities for it just yet. 
Have an awesome week ahead!

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Thanks , can't wait haha

A very interesting game ^^ quite simple though. Nice art style too 

Heya, Thanks for giving it a go! Have an awesome week ahead!

Hey! We'd like to arrange an interview with you for Samudra, with an editorial piece to accompany it :) If you're interested, please get in touch via our profile. We were unable to find a contact email for you, unfortunately. Thanks!

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Hi! Thanks for the support & interest, we'll follow you up with an email shortly. Have a nice day!

Woow, good job guys! Love the background style! 

Hi! Thank you for giving our demo a go :D Stay tuned for the full release soon!

Hi,  congrats for the beautiful demo! I really love the artwork and am hoping there' d be some sort of (dlc) wallpaper collections coming along. 

Keep up the good spirit, I'll be looking forward for the final version!

Hi thank you so much for the massive support! Once again, we really appreciate it :) 

We'll definitely consider having the artworks/ posters as something to be included on early bird sales or something of that nature. 

And likewise, take care to you and keep the spirits up during this strange times! 

i think the inputs broke at the start menu cuz i counlt move my mouse or use my keyboard to press start

Hi, thanks for the feedback! However we have not come across this issue at all from other players since launch, could it perhaps be a faulty setting at your end? Having that said -  the final version of this game would feature an updated menu UI. Take care!

when i think about it, it might just be my hardware this isnt the first game that does this its usually related to d3d crashing

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Give in and let the ocean current in Samudra take you on a semi-realistic journey with fantasy twists.


"Pollution soaked in so deep into the post-apocalyptic world of Samudra that you're not capable of seeing the difference between jellyfish and plastic bags floating into the water from afar"

SAMUDRA Full Article Review

You actually found the 3rd Shell!!!!! You might just be the very first who had done so :D

Thank you so much for trying out the demo :) The full game will feature an entirely new puzzles, sequences & areas within these level, so stay tuned! And stay safe at home!

I am known for not resting until I discover all collectibles. As soon as I saw the collectible screen at the end of the demo, I was determined to find all shells on all cost! 

All of the other playing of games have thought me to always look for things. The first thing I did when landing was to go left instead right, in search for collectibles, because in most side-scrolling games the world expands in both directions. Eventually I turned right and this was the first sign to show me that there are going to be hidden stuff in the game.

Thank you for creating such a great and fun game! I can't wait to get to play the entire game, and also see how the story is gonna go! 

Absolutely! We gamers are treasure hunters by nature and this game hope to reflect that aspect by design - as long as its reasonable and creates a somewhat 'eureka' moment for the player. 

So we're extremely glad that you did have fun! And we deeply appreciate the kind words! Thank you so much! 

Today we're looking deep down in the ocean and possibly saving the planet in Samudra! Plastics are definitely a problem and it's up to little me to save the world!
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Heya thanks so much for playing the demo & for the kind words! Also loving your 'Jason Statham spy in an underwater facility' angle on the story XD 

Hello there, I made a video about your game. I liked it quite a bit. I still had some dents that might need some working. If your interested then you can check my video here.

Hey thanks for playing the demo! You were very close to the end.

Notes taken for sure regarding the last puzzle being able to benefit by using better visual cues/ direction, we are indeed working that in for the final launch :) We greatly appreciate the suggestion! Have a nice day!

No problem and good luck with your final launch.

i really enjoyed this game the audio the art style i really like it was really fun to just sit back and play but i really liked the story and meaning i didn't notice till later in the game that's what it was about but i hope it shows some people what is actually happening thanks for making a great game cant wait to see what you do with the full game

Thank you so much for the fun playthrough :) Yay! You saved the Giant Turtle after-all!

To follow up on your post-game comment - over 1000 turtle actually die every year from plastic pollution & an estimated 100 million marine animals are killed each year due to plastic waste :( So we feel that its very important to share the awareness of this issue, the ocean is after all the biggest & most important resource that we got.  

Stay tuned for the full release real soon! Take care

YEA  i knew i lot of marine life died from plastic but not that much each year and who knows we could be killing more we dont even know aboyt because we have hardly explored the ocean

Absolutely, the numbers are staggering :(

So glad that you were able to piece together the themes of this game really well at the end of the demo, there will be many more issues & secrets to uncover in the full story of Samudra! 

Im looking foward to it

and do you have a idea of how long that might be just wondering

We'll be announcing the exact date very soon, but its planned for release sometime in Fall/ Autumn this year. Deepest thanks (pun intended) for the support :D

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Really good game! I love the music and the style of the game. It has really good potencial. I made a video hope you like it  :)

Heya! Thank you so much for the playthrough, you managed to collect 3/5 Nautilus Shells and even suspected the 4th one :) 

Do stay tune for the full release - to be announced real soon :D Thanks for the support!

Thank you for replying, can't wait for the full release, its a really good game! :)

Hey i just found your game 2 days ago and make a video! i hope you enjoy and i can't wait to play the full game! 

Thank you for the playthrough!

Makasih banyak atas support nya & mungkin yg di maksud adalah Archelon atau Plesiosaurus ya? Dua2nya memang adalah inspirasi turle di story Samudra XD

Stay tuned untuk full releasenya tahun ini ya :)

iya yang di maksud itu wkwkwk. Sukses terus buat gamenya! gue pasti mainin full playthrough game ini

I m so happy to see Indian indie's get the spotlight! Well done !

Hi there! We are an Indonesian indie team actually :) Thanks for the support

I m so sorry! I m still proud of the Indonesia community! And the game is really well made!

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No worries :D We're constantly working on bettering the mechanics & aesthetics everyday too :) So stay tune for the release date real soon! Thank you so much for the kind words & support!

This game is amazing. Keep up the great work.

Thank you for playing the demo! We really enjoyed your commentary & will continue to work towards making the puzzles clearer (and also twerk-glitch free XD). Stay tuned for the full trip in 2020! 

You're the BEST!!! Please keep me posted when the full release is out.

"Whoa, scary anglerfish!"

2 minutes later: "Oh, my god, help that poor anglerfish!"


There will be retribution/ closure for our dear angler fish in the full release XD - so stay tuned for that in 2020! Thanks a lot for playing the demo! We have indeed fixed some of the interaction issues you mentioned in the playthru too - this is now patched in the latest build update. 

We support too, every bit count!

You'd think the most dangerous things in the ocean would be predatory fish... Thank you for telling me about Samudra. Bring on 2020 and the full release! :)


Exactly, Truthful observation! Thank you so much for your time playing our demo, you made some key deductions regarding the lore & metaphors of the game :) Stay tuned for the full trip in 2020!

This game is so much fun!! everything in the game goes so well together, with all the puzzles and everything... The art style of the game looks amazing!! Well done on this game, can't wait to play more of it...

Heya! Thank you so much for trying out the demo, we really enjoyed your playthrough & noted down your feedbacks. We hope this would spread a good awareness about the ocean waste issue as you mentioned in the video. Do stay tuned for the full release in 2020 :)

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I LOVE this demo. This art is beautiful, the music is perfectly fitting the atmosphere and the game play is really nice. I've really appreciated the experience, very immersive! great work!

If there are some French people arround. S'il y a des francophones qui passent par là, j'ai écrit une petite review plus approfondie juste ici :)

Hi there! Thank you so much for kind review of the game :) Stay tuned for the full release in 2020, take care!

Made a video


Hello guys! Thank you so much for your time to try out the demo, we really appreciate & enjoy your commentary tremendously XD We hope you like it & do stay tuned for the full release in 2020! Have a great weekend!

Happy you enjoyed the video. We really enjoyed playing the game and looking forward to the full release to see what else you are hiding at the bottom of the ocean other than lots of trash.

With All thanks and appreciation to the creator of the game!!


Hi there thanks for trying out the demo :) We hope you like it!

Hi there! Beautiful game and concept. Do you have any plans to work with a publisher? I work with Sedoc and we'd love to work with you if you're interested. :) Our email is: feel free to reach out


Hi thanks for reaching out, we do consider working with publishers. We'll be in touch :)

Great looking forward to it :)


Amazing game dev had so much fun playing this game :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you so much for testing out the demo & the kind words! We really enjoy your commentary & feedbacks on the playthrough XD We hope that your throat will get better soon! Have an awesome week ahead :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and for watching i really appreciate it i'm glad you liked it :) .

"SAMUDRA follows the story of a boy who fell into the deepest sea and pushes forth to find a way back towards the surface world"  - 4/5*

TLDR "SAMUDRA" is a beautiful platformer game with immersive artwork, music and other details WHILE warning us about the impact of polution to the environment. As a player who once played their previous game "Incubo", they never cease to amaze me.

Pros  (4 star)

- Story

- Arts

- Immersive

- Puzzles

- Environment

- Good control !

Cons (-1 star)

- Unpolished animation  

- Demo is too short

- Some images not optimized for super-wide screen

Well, it's still in demo phase, i 'm sure dev will polished it and make this game better than current state.  I hope platformers game will grow even bigger, because  this kind of game makes me reminisce my childhood.

My best moment in this game :3

Note : i want this kind of mural on my warehouse lol

Thank you so much for the kind words & review! We appreciate it very much :) We have looked into the issues you mentioned & will be working on the solutions for the final launch! 

great jobs! wow
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Thank you so much for playing the demo & posting the full playthrough, we really appreciate it!!!

you game is very brillant  and art .. hope future you make full story and full game ...


Nice art..., this game will make player aware about our ocean...

Yes we are glad that this message came across! Thank you for playing the demo :)