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Hi! Please could you release a DRM-Free version on itch or GOG, or even Humble Bundle. I’d buy the game in a heartbeat, but the fact that it’s only on Steam puts me off a bit. One more thing to say: Great game! Thanks! :)


Hello! Thanks for the suggestion - we are considering this for sure :D We appreciate the support! Have a great new year ahead! 

Happy New Year to you too with many successes to come! And thank you for responding and considering the possibility of a DRM-Free version! :)

Makes me happy a studio from my country made this game! I love the game btw

I NEED THE FULL GAME! Really enjoyed the demo and I know once you really dive deep into the story it's going to drown you. Enough puns 🤣 ... great introduction and I'm definitely looking forward to it! 

Heya thanks so much for swimming through the demo! (especially the puzzles XD)

Support from players like yourself is like an O2 to this project! So thank you for the time, thank you for the puns! And we hope to see you again on the final launch of the game (launch date coming soon) :D Laters!

this game very coooooool keep going

Thank youuuu! Have an amazing day ahead to you :D

Hiii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share it with you, hopefully it is useful for the development of the game ^^

Heya, thank you for testing out the Demo :D We hope you like it! 

Yeaaah, It is pretty good ^^

That's great to hear! Stay tuned for the full experience coming out in a not too distant future :D Have a great week ahead!

Have a great week too ^^

loved it! can't wait for the whole game!

Thank you for the kind words :D Have an amazing New Year week ahead!

Please make a Mac version, I would love to play your game.


Hello! Yes will definitely consider porting this to mac at some point :) Thank you for the interest & support! Happy safe New Year!

Thank you! Your game looks amazing and I cant wait to play.

Deleted post

Heya! Thank you so much for playing and recording your playthrough :D 

Have an amazing weekend ahead & happy holidays!

But why the demo is 1GB?

Hello! Yes its a very art heavy project hence the massive size for just a demo - we are still optimizing this for the final launch to make sure its not to bulky and the estimated full experience is about 3GB in size. Thanks for the feedback :)

Okey! Btw cool game !

Thank you :D

I love the surreal creatures and atmosphere, the music is beautiful as well!

Thank you for playing through parts of the demo & for the kind words :D We hope that you'll carry on with the full game when its released next year! 

This was super cool! I have a deathly fear of the deep ocean, but this was great to play! The message about pollution was great as well, being at the bottom and seeing the MOUNDS of trash really drove home what our oceans probably look like. The art and general tone was absolutely great. Super looking forward to this! Definitely play this if you enjoy Little Nightmares/Inside/Limbo. Props to the devs!

Thank you for giving the demo a go! Glad that you enjoyed the atmosphere of the game, and we hope that it doesn't worsen your fear of the deep too much XD

Nice video !

this looks like a little nigthmares game!


Heya! Yes its largely inspired by Little NIghtmare, Limbo, and similar atmospheric side-scrollers :D


Thank you for giving this demo a go! :D Have an awesome week ahead!

Every time i try t odownload this game it shows up with this error: while extracting (BuildDemoNonSteam TGS 4/Samudra_Data/sharedassets11.resource): dmc_unrar_extract_file_with_callback: error 44: RAR 5.0 block checksum doesn't match  Please help

Try the game on Steam then!

Hello, it seems that this might be an unfortunate  issue on your end during the download process, perhaps you could try to download it from STEAM instead? we hope this helps : D Thanks for the interest!

Thanks for the help it is now downloading on steam and i cant wait to play!

This was fun little thing to play, even though I absolutely got destroyed in some parts, but still. Rasing awareness on such subject in this form is really nice. And the game itself is trully beautiful :з Here's my take on this one 

Thank you so much for the cool playthrough of our demo :D We appreciate your kind words & the support on the subject - let's continue taking care of our environment!

Hai khayalan art! gw sudah mencoba gamenya, dan gamenya bagus terutama membawakan masalah pencemaran laut saat ini yaitu sampah dan sikap manusia yang serakah yang merusak lingkungan. Ditunggu gamenya yang full.

Terima kasih banyak sudah mencoba demo SAMUDRA!Kamu juga sempat menemukan collectible yang tersulit di akhir demo :D Stay tuned untuk final experiencenya di tahun depan ya~

Deleted 84 days ago

Silahkan di coba ya demonya :D

Hey, I tried your game demo, looks very nice! Very cool of you to bring some awareness to pollution of the oceans at the same time, really looking forward to seeing the full release! I also decided to make a little video playthrough of this demo (in two parts, part 1 linked below :)

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to try our demo! We do hope to spread more awareness regarding ocean pollution and this issue in general to gaming audience, so thanks for the support! We wish you lots of success! Have an awesome day ahead :D

please release the full game soon


Hello, thank you for the enthusiasm! 

We are  crunching as we speak to get the rest of the game done and planned for release in early 2021 - so stay tuned & thanks for the  kind support :D

I found this game because I searched up my name and it looks sick! Keep up the good work Khalayan!

Why you sir - have a really great name! :D 

Thank you for the support and have an awesome week ahead!

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love the fact that this game is aimed towards world problems

and a strong message

its beautiful inside out

Thank you for giving this demo a go & for supporting the collaborative cause towards environmental awareness, especially for plastic pollution issues.

There will be more action (and also puzzles!) in the full game, so stay tuned for that :D

Have an awesome weekend ahead!

Hey everyone! 

Hope you are all well! I had an amazing experience playing this game so much fun! Hope you all did to and remember to Wishlist it as you probably have done already. Thank you for your support of this amazing indie game! 


Heya Thank you so much for giving SAMUDRA's beta a go :D We hope to see you again on the full run! Have an awesome week ahead!

Your very welcome cant wait to see what you bring to the game when its fully released but loved the game otherwise! thank you !

I played through the demo (kiss in the air) I loved it!! The sound makes you stay on this world. I mean you feel in this dark place. And I enjoyed the story telling through the enviroment.

..see you on the full game!

Thank you for the kind review on SAMUDRA's atmosphere, we appreciate that & are glad that you enjoyed the experience! Have an amazing week ahead & see you on the full game :D 

I've played through this demo and it really reminds me of games like Inside and Limbo! I love it! I got really stuck at one puzzle but it's okay, I blame myself for it honestly.


Thank you so much for the playthrough & the kind words of encouragement :D We really appreciate it and are already on a mission to improve that 2nd puzzle for the final game, so thanks for the patience and we hope to see you again in the final release! Till then ~

Really cool style. Grew on me the more I played but then I had trouble with some of the stealthier sections later on lol. I really enjoyed the cryptic backstory of the ocean world and its mysteries. Music was dope. Thanks!

Thank you for playing through SAMUDRA & headbangin to them beats :D Stay tuned for the final announcement in the near future. Have a great week ahead!

What an amazing experience! The music is probably the strongest point of the game, and hits you immediately as you start the game! The beautiful animations and design of the characters complement the puzzle solving perfectly! It made for a great moment. I look forward to see what becomes of this demo in the future! 


Heya! Thanks for giving this demo a go :D We hope you that you'll complete the playthrough sometime and definitely stay tuned for the full experience that will be announced soon! Have an awesome week ahead!

Oh yeah, I've already finished the demo, I just didn't have the time to upload the second part yet. I will definitely stay tuned! Good luck :)


We'll be looking forward for the 2nd part :D Thanks again!

It took some time, but I've finally managed to upload the second part! Here you go ! Thanks again for making such a cool experience!


Yay! We really enjoyed seeing your playthrough! Also - more Seabunnies to hug & save in the final game ~ 

Really enjoyed the atmosphere in this game! Also love the simplicity of only having one button to press throughout with the dialogue being what you see rather than what you read! I will have a full playthrough go up in a few days but made a shorter video for now, great work!

Heya Sammy, thanks so much for the awesome playthrough! and for being patient with the last stealth segment XD We really appreciate the kind words and the time you took to have given this demo a shot! We'll be looking forward to the full video from you :) Have an amazing Sunday ahead!

Samudra is a beautiful and unique experience! The metaphoric plotline, the environment, the art style, the music, I don't think they miss on a single point in this one. 

Really excited to see where thisnone goes! Here is my playthrough of it!

Hello! Thank you so much for the amazing walk-through commentary & kind words on SAMUDRA, we really appreciate it!

We noticed that you came across a bug during one of the stealth sequences, the team are looking into this as we speak, thank you for the awesome documentation!

We wish you all the best & an awesomest weekend ahead :D

Hey! I will be uploading a couple of videos I made on this game, I really enjoyed it but I think you should know that the controls weren't mapped to my xbox controller properly. to go right I had to push up on the joystick and down to go left, also I I had to push right to go up ladders and left to go down.

Hope that helps.

Hello! Thank you for playing the demo & we really appreciate the kind words & helpful report on the issue :) We are currently looking into this controller related glitch, it seems like its a user setting related issue. We will keep you updated! Cheers & have a lovely day ahead!

Glad to help! Thank you 

bisa buat linux kga bang?

Halo, sebagai launch title nanti Samudra akan available di PC & Mac, untuk saat ini belum ada plan porting ke Linux mohon maaf sekali. Terima kasih atas waktu & pertanyaan nya :D

Oh oke bang. Terima kasih ya sudah dijawab. Sukses terus buat Khayalan Arts

Terima kasih kembali, sukses juga ya! 

Hey guy watch full walkthrough of samudra for fun

Hello! Thank you so much for the great playthrough :) 

We hope you enjoyed the experience, stay tuned for the final release late this year. 

Have an awesome week ahead!

why there is no mouse interface 

Hello, this game only requires 1 button to play (space on keyboard & primary button on controller), apart from the directional buttons. Thank you for the time :)

if you are interested in getting your game translated and adapted into russian then hmu!

Hi! Thank you for the offer, we'll consider and reach out to you again in time :D Have an awesome weekend ahead!


This is the game I'll be playing this weekend 😁


We really appreciate that! Hope you enjoy the experience & have an awesome weekend ahead :D

I definitely will 🙌🙌🙌

Oh my god just by looking at the trailer i already love it!


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A huge fan of this incredible game!

"You feel like this plastic has always belonged there, floating around and mimicking the movement of the water, the movement of underwater organic forms. It makes you feel like you might have landed on a different planet, where the local fauna and flora is made up of bottles, trashed objects and plastic bags, a planet that has been beaten up and torn from everything that's been thrown at it, literally though."

Discover SAMUDRA [Beta Impressions + Review] Article

SAMUDRA Twitter Review

And a huge appreciation from us to you for the amazingly in-depth and thorough playthrough, review and never-ending support! Thank you JM, all the best and have a lovely week :D

It's my pleasure! :D

cool game keep up the great work!

Hi! Thanks for the attempt :) Have an awesome day!

np ty as well!


Hi, thank you for the support :D

Loved the artwork and atmosphere of the game. Brilliant work!

Hi Rahnaf! Thank you so much for the awesome playthrough! And also for being curious about the briefcase XD  There would also be some kind of retribution for the Lantern fish in the final chapters too, so till then! 

Take care & have a lovely week ahead!

Was a pleasure to play it! And so glad to hear about the lantern fish. Best of luck for the full release!


Likewise, all the very best to you too bud! We wish you well :D

This game is awesome and I'm looking forward to seeing the full release on Steam. And the artwork... beautiful. What was it inspired by?

Hello! We really appreciate that :) 

The art direction/ feel/ design influence is absolutely inspired by Machinarium, Journey, Limbo, Rayman Origins, ICO, Studio Ghibli stuff. They're all rather unique to one another, but they share the same world-building depth that we love so much!

I can see that! During my second playthrough, I feel like I also fell in love with the sound design. The music and effects are just so well fitted.

Additionally, I wanted to ask, is it intentional that there's no chapter I? Because as far as I can see it goes straight from the prologue to chapter II.

And, just to be sure, in the full version, will it be possible to save your progress? My laptop gets tired really fast so even playing through the whole demo without any breaks was a challenge. 

Very observant of you! We kept Chapter I & some things from both the Prologue & Chapter II tucked away for the final full release, so that we do not overload this demo with too much content or even spoilers.  

And of course saving will be functional in the full version. One of the character (who is also present within the demo) is tasked as a save point keeper :D 

Hmmm! Interesting. I know who you're talking about, I think! :D

I will definitely check this one out very soon! Looks very atmospheric 👍

And do let us know your thoughts when you do :D Have an awesome weekend!

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