Dev Diary #7 - Easter!

Happy Easter Earth Dwellers!

This week of course I shall not resist to talk about some Easter related things that we have worked into SAMUDRA, and by that of course I really mean - Easter Eggs.

Easter Eggs and video games are basically synonymous and a project wouldn't be truly complete without some well-natured secrets scattered within it.

The team and I have taken many inspirations and learning points from various games, stories, films and many more things, and having those things featured as an Easter secret in the game is a cool way to pay homage to them, and we're always careful to keep things rather subtle and to not let these disrupt the flow of story, or the main gameplay experience, although some of them actually works rather well with the story - for example this Easter Room that we included within the Demo. 

An observant player from community that goes by the name JMTM found it first just a few weeks back :) (Kudos to you man!)

This isn't an easy one to get to due to the multiple steps & observations required, and we won't spoil it here (perhaps you can watch JMTM's playthrough

Throughout the game, you come across glowing Nudibranch we call Sea Bunnies, which we always design to appear near some kind of secrets or puzzle clues, and  this Easter room ties into the story as some sort of processing room where all these Sea Bunnies are basically accumulated at - and 'grinded' into some kind of unknown substance. This of course is to show one of the unsettling activities that goes on within the location, and also our throwback to a who-lives-in-pineapple-under-the-sea episode XD (comment if you know what we're referring to!)

There are of course much much more secrets to be uncovered; just to throw another clue out there, there's also a certain famous box-hiding spy character somewhere in the demo location ~ (that's right!) 

Point is, having an Easter Egg within a game design isn't something that's 'extra' or 'additional', its part of a tradition, part of what a gaming experience is supposed to be, stumbling upon references of related/ unrelated titles or even just some silly developer inside jokes.

So thanks for taking the time to read this, I wish you an awesome weekend ahead!

Stay Safe folks!

- El


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Mar 20, 2020

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I've discovered the other Easter Egg, but I am not sure if it's a good idea to publicly talk about it, or leave others to discover it! Great job! :D 

Its not an easy spot and It takes some patience and observation to discover, so great job for finding it too!  

For some reason, without knowing where to search for it I was drawn to one certain location, like I knew where it should be, and it turned out my instinct were correct. 

When I got there I would say "Hmm...what would happen if I wait here". And I found it! :D 

It would be very interesting to see what kind of other easter eggs the game is gonna offer. Amazing!

SpongeBob! ;)