Dev Diary #9 - 'Art'chitecture

Hola Art lovers & adventurers, 

This week we share another art process and the thoughts process that goes behind designing a scene in SAMUDRA. 

The process of creating a level/ scene always begin with having an objective in mind; how this particular area of the game is suppose to present for the player, the purpose for the story, degree of challenge. After we constructed a basic draft on the main elements with simple placeholder placements, we would then proceed towards decorating the scene in a way that further enhance the lore of that particular setting. 

So for example, in this early game area we called ' Skeleton Hallway' - which is a plane graveyard segment that presents you with the game's first enemy obstacle, we designed the enemy placement so that its very clear that the  player needed to 'manipulate' it to open up a path into the plane body. Once you enter the plane segment, the player is greeted with a couple of scene decorations that sets the mood of what to come - this involves; plane interior, compartments, skeletons, cargos. Our artists are now basically a plane expert due to their intensive research on airplane structures XD Oh and did you know that a Plane 'black box' is actually orange?? Yup.

Once the overall structure and decor is in place, we then move on to the polishing stage to make sure that lighting, FX, audio, BGM and all those other sweet stuff captures the right kind of mood that we envisioned. Of course, constant play-testing at every stage just goes without saying. 

So what exactly happened here? Why is the world of Samudra filled with dead corals, wrecked planes, plastic jellyfishes? Well - that's just not really further than the actual truth in our Ocean right now, unfortunately :/ However this game plot is designed in a way that you'll stitch together bits and pieces as you go along, and by the end you would have a clearer idea on what transpired in the world of Samudra. 

So thank you for the time reading this small slice of development process!

We are a small Indie-company that makes game due to our love and passion towards storytelling, art, puzzles, adventure & culture, so if you like what you see, do consider supporting us by wishlisting SAMUDRA on Steam


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Cheers & have an awesome week ahead folks!

- El


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Mar 20, 2020

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