Dev Diary #10 - It Whale be okay (*minor spoiler*)

Hello Earth-d(whale)llers!

It has been an over-(whale)mingly  isolated year & its tricky to be working from home on any kind of project, but our team took it upon our shoulders to see it as a chance to evolve, to learn to communicate more efficiently and have a clearer workflow between one another! It takes some adjustments for everyone, but everything (whale) be okay :)

Ok, so enough with the pun-tastic introduction - but there's of course an awesome reason for that; 

Meet Whale-iam, named after one of our artist, but this is drawn and designed by our super-talented character artist Gaby, very WHALE done Gaby! (ok no more puns).

There are an ensemble of ancient creatures that we will be encountering throughout the journey in SAMUDRA, each presenting its own spin on environmental issues and this is one of them. Based of course on the largest creature the humankind had ever known to exist, the majestic Blue Whale. It can grow up to 30 meters in length and 180 metric tons in weight, its humongous, ginormous, titanic. Its so massive, that you could probably, just an entire level in it......hmmm...

Earlier design of the whale featured multiple eyes to convey some kind of mutation due to pollution exposure from the world around it, however we opted to adjust the design to a more minimalist one . All of the design included a lot of tear and wear to the Whale's body, littered with rubbish, fishing nets, barnacles and such to convey its age and what it has been through. 

Anyway, I haven't been sharing much on any of the NPC subjects in the game at all, most of the reveal so far had been environment/ location related - though you could indeed see the environment itself as a huge character in this game. So we'll be revealing a lot more key characters as we get closer to the project launch! So stay tuned and feel free to give us a feedback/ comment. 


So with that thank you for reading this insight into our project! 

We are a small Indie-company that makes game due to our love and passion towards storytelling, art, puzzles, adventure & culture, so if you like what you see, do consider supporting us by wishlisting SAMUDRA on Steam


Follow us & spread the words at:


Cheers & have a WHALE of a week ahead folks!

- El


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Mar 20, 2020

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I loved playing the demo and art looks amazing Im playing the game the day it comes out these devlogs just keep me excited keep up the great work.

Thank you for the kind words & support! We'll be sharing more process and bits from the game every week pre & post launch :)

Amazing! I can't wait truly for the game! Every next dev diary reminds me why I can't wait for the game! :D 

Everyday we're growing more hyped to show the world this game too! :D