Dev Diary #11 - Campfire Chilltimes

Hello Sea-lovers,

Happy post Mother's Day to our mommas & all the Supermoms out there, in here & everywhere :D


This week from SAMUDRA;

Who says that campfires can only be enjoyed above ground~

Some of you who have tried the demo must have come across this musician playing the guitar, and he's not just ANY musician - we proudly present to you the super-chill, uber-calming, soothing, therapeutic, one and only - Hobopus. (he probably should have a proper name, but that's what we're calling him for now , comment to suggest a name for him! the deeper the punsies the better the funsies :D). 

In the demo, you come across him in the cell, along with the giant turtle, and of course for the eagle-eyed players, you'd notice that he sneakily escaped during the explosion that the player caused. So yes, you shall meet him again in many occasions throughout the journey in Samudra. 

Hobopus is a recurring character who gives clues, directions, checkpoints and most importantly - serenades you with super therapeutic tunes of the deep. Is he friend or foe? What are his motives? What is he? Why is he dressed so fashionably?? Is he wearing a Suit & Sarong??? 

What do you think? ~

Visually, the Hobopus design was influenced by a number of musicians; Bob Marley, Django Reindhart, Keith Richards, Anda Perdana. His guitar is a DIY Diddley Bow or Cigar-box homemade guitar. He also sports a diving helmet just like the protagonist and antagonist, but in his case - he doesn't wear it for oxygen, rather, he wear it to filter away the polluted water. #sadtruth 

He has tentacles, like literally 10-tackles, hence why his current name isn't OCTopus, HA~ Also, you unlock more instruments for him as the story progress, he is multi-talented because well he is a WELL-ARMED musician...(ok no more we swear)


So with that thank you for reading today's insight on one of the characters in Samudra!

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Cheers & have an octoproductive week ahead folks!

- El


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Mar 20, 2020

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Great stuff!

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