Dev Diary #13 - Road to BETA

Eid Mubarak to our dear Moslem gamers & fam!

Today's update is a short one -  we are excited to announce that we'll be dropping our Beta Demo within the next couple of weeks!

This will be our final free demo featuring the Prologue & one of the chapter from the game. The Beta will include some major updates; overhauls in Animations & Sprites, updated Puzzles, polish on Artwork, Audio, SFX & Cutscenes. 

Stay tuned for more upcoming info on this demo! 


As always, thank you for the support!

We are a small Indie-company that makes game due to our love and passion towards storytelling, art, puzzles, adventure & culture, so if you like what you see, do consider supporting us by wishlisting SAMUDRA on Steam


Follow us & spread the words at:


Cheers, stay safe & have a lovely Ramadhan week!

- El


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Mar 20, 2020

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Amazing! I can't wait to experience the new demo! It all sounds amazing and I'm sure it'll be!

Thank you for your kind support always! Really kept us going!