Samudra Beta v1.1 (updated)

*Updated 26.06.20 12:31pm PATCH V1.1*
- Minor bug fixes

Yes, we never sleeps XD


Hello folks!

SAMUDRA BETA is finally here!

SAMUDRA is a hand-illustrated 2D adventure that follows a boy’s surreal journey across a polluted deep-sea.


Major updates include 

- Reworking of the whole player Animation/ Sprite/ Interaction mechanics

- Polishing of Artwork/ Assets /UI/ Cutscenes/ SFX/ OST

- Lighting system update 

- New Puzzles

- New Cutscenes

Please feel free to let us know your feedbacks/ suggestions :)


We are a small Indie-company that develops game due to our love and passion towards storytelling, art, puzzles, adventure & culture, so if you like what you see - do consider supporting us by also wishlisting SAMUDRA on Steam


Follow us & spread the words at:


Have a lovely week ahead folks!



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12 days ago

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well i just found this game and its cool and the game name is familiar to samudera in bahasa, wkwkwkw

keep it up cuy

Hello! Glad you stumbled upon the game. Thanks for the support :)

actually when I play this game demo . I didn't find any bugs and glitches  

the background music ,the artwork ,the story telling  is soo good and amazing

I am waiting for this Game and agree to pay at least $15 min and max $ 25 

your are a developer feel free to setup the price .

thank you for this experience


That's truly very nice of you to say, we appreciate & thank you so much for giving the demo a go!

This demo is about 20% the size of the full game and it will feature more locations, puzzles & creatures/ ocean issues, so do stay tuned for that :) Have an awesome week ahead!

its amazing :)  


Thanks for the kind words! have a lovely day :D


Nice work, I’ve bumped you back up on the homepage


Thank you so so much! That meant everything to us!

I am having difficulties with the puzzles, so I am going to restart the game and see if I've missed something in the caves, because I don't think I understand the first puzzle. 


Heya! All the puzzle's clues are always within the same room/ area and for this particular one, the clue is located exactly on the object where you need to advance. I hope this helps :)

I see. I've discovered it. In the previous demo the hint was on the same object, but now I couldn't find it. I went there a couple of times and didn't notice the prompt at all. 


Yah, we'll edit the interactable object to be shinier to prevent confusions.Thanks for heads up bud! And I'm glad you got through that part :)